About First Time Quality

First Time Quality, LLC was founded by Ed Caldeira in 2002. Ed is a pioneer in the development of construction quality and safety systems using ISO 9000 principles.

The term first time quality represents the highest level of quality attainable. At First Time Quality, we create products to help our customers achieve first time quality results.

While our customers range in size from small to large construction companies, as a small entrepreneurial business, we can relate to the challenges of small to mid-size construction companies.

As a result, we're dedicated to providing highly professional quality and safety products that smaller companies can afford, and larger construction companies would be proud to call their own.


First Time Quality specializes in quality plans, programs, and manuals for contractor quality and safety compliance.

In addition to our quality plans, we help construction companies enhance their inspection processes to improve quality performance and reduce costs with our FTQ360 mobile/Web construction inspection software.

As with our quality and safety plans, we develop our software products based on the needs of the small to mid-sized construction company and offer an affordable, easy-to-use mobile/Web inspection system that has many of the same features of the more expensive systems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to over-deliver on our promises and provide personal service and expertise — along with high-quality affordably priced construction quality and safety products — that we can unconditionally guarantee.