FTA Quality Plans, Requirements, and Checklists

Most federal, state, and city mass transit construction projects require conformance to the Federal Transit Administration/Department of Transportation Quality Assurance and Quality Control Guidelines FTA-PA-27-5194-12-1. To see these guidelines, download a copy below.

FTA-PA-27-5194-12-1 QA/QC Guidelines

  1. FTA-Essential-Elements-of-a-Quality-Management-System.pdf(.pdf)
  2. FTA_QMS__Guidelines_December_2012.pdf(.pdf)

FTA Quality Plan Submittal Audit Checklist

Will your quality plan submittal comply with FTA-PA-27-5194-12-1 QA/QC Guidelines? Download the FTA Audit Checklist below and see if your quality plan submittal complies with all 15 FTA QA/QC required elements.

FTA Audit Checklist (.pdf)

FTA Quality Plan Templates

We've developed a comprehensive set of submittal-ready QA/QC Plan Templates that meet all FTA QA/QC required elements. You can use these templates for all FTA & TSA government bid and contract submittals.

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Benefits include:

  • Organized around FTA's 15 QA/QC Elements
  • Includes all FTA required forms
  • Guaranteed compliance with all FTA requirements
  • Receive expert support and advice (30 min. phone/web support included)
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Download an FTA Sample and find out what you will get in each section of your FTA-DOT QA/QC Plan.

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