Required by EM 385-1-1

You'll get a set of Risk Management Plans (Programs and Procedures) Templates that may be required for your Accident Prevention Plan submittal based on your contract and EM 385-1-1.

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Templates Included with Basic-Essentials APP/Safety Plan
Emergency Response Plan
Medical Support Plan
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Program (01.C.02)
Health Hazard Control Program (06.A)
Health Hazard Communication Program (06.B)
Hazardous Energy Control Plan (12.A.01)
Critical Lift Plan (16.H.02)
Site-Specific Fall Protection & Prevention Plan (21.C)
Confined Space Program (34.A.06)
Personnel Protective Equipment (Section 05)
Additional 30 Templates Included with Comprehensive APP/Safety Plan
Layout Plan (04.A.01)
Man Overboard/Abandon Ship (19.A.04)
Site Sanitation Plan (Section 02)
Access and Haul Road Plan (04.B)
Dewatering Plan (05.A.06)
Respiratory Protection Plan (05.G)
Process Safety Management Plan (06.B.04)
Lead Abatement Plan (06.B.05)
Asbestos Abatement Plan (06.B.05)
Radiation Safety Program (06.E.03.A)
Abrasive Blasting Plan (06.H.01)
Heat/Cold Stress Monitoring Plan (06.I.02)
Crystalline Silica Monitoring Plan (06.M)
Night Operations Lighting Plan (07.A.08)
Fire Prevention Plan (09.A)
Wild Land Fire Management Plan (09.K)
Housekeeping Plan (14.C)
Contingency Plan for Severe Weather (19.A.03)
Float Plan (19.F.04)
Demolition Plan (23.A.01)
Excavation/Trenching Plan (25.A.01)
Emergency Rescue (Tunneling) (26.A.05)
Underground Construction Fire prevention and Protection Plan (26.D.01)
Compressed Air Plan (26.I.02)
Formwork and Shoring Erection and Removal Plans (27.C)
Precast Concrete Plan (27.D)
Lift Slab Plan (27.E)
Steel Erection Plan (27.F.01)
Site Safety and Health Plan for HTRW Work (28.B)
Blasting Safety Plan (29.A.01)
Diving Operations Plan (30.A.17)