Measuring Quality & Safety using Inspection Forms

Once you begin adding quality scores and marking checklists, you'll have a wealth of information and can systematically make money-saving improvements.

Quality Scores

Scoring construction quality using a simple, quick rating scale is part of the FTQ360 Inspection System. Rate the the quality of work on a scale of 1 to 5. Ratings measure the level of avoidable problems encountered:

        5 = Perfect, no problems, 100%
        4 = Very good, 1-2 minor problems
        3 = Good, 3-5 minor problems
        2 = Poor, 6+ minor problems, hotspot or major problem
        1 = Very poor, excessive problems

Add notes to each score explaining the reasons for the score and to communicate the problems you encountered.


Your FTQ360 software will be fully loaded with trade and task-specific checklists. As part of you normal inspection process, check those items that are not first time quality complete. This becomes part of your inspection record with each checklist item (associated to a vendor and task) automatically entered into you project database.

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