Construction Quality Control Plan FAQs

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We're beginning to compile a list of answers to questions that our clients have asked us. We'll continue to add to this list, so check back periodically.

Question: Am I required to include the “Resumes” and the “Contract Personnel Qualification Forms” in the plan?

Answer: It's a requirement to include resumes and contract personnel qualifications on military projects such as USACE and NAVFAC. However, even if your contract doesn't require them, it's always a good practice to provide this information to show your qualifications and personnel's basic competencies.

Question: Qualification of Subcontractors and Suppliers – Purchase Order Requirements – Is this requirement necessary? How can we expect our suppliers to meet our requirements?

Answer: When qualification of subcontractors and suppliers is required, suppliers of materials need to meet the product specifications, not the QA requirements.

As far as your client is concerned, the fact that you hire subcontractors does not mean that they are allowed lesser QA on that part of the work. Subcontractors can meet your QA requirements by working under your QA program in whole or part. 

The qualification form provides your rational for their capabilities to perform certain aspects of their own quality. For instance, you may qualify your electrician to perform continuity tests even if the company as a whole does not fulfill all QA requirements.

Your QA system will fill in the gaps by performing your own checks such as an electrical task inspection and an electrical system test. If you rationalize the quality process like this, I think you will find that it only formalizes the natural way you would normally set up your QA/QC for the project.

Question: Controlled Materials Form: How/when is this form used?

Answer: In practice, this is one form used for a dual purpose. For the purpose of Element 6 you are identifying and  listing materials that you will control by lot or serial number.  For the purpose of Element 10 you add information on how you will identify that it has been inspected and ready for use.

Also for Element 10 you add materials that will be inspected, but not lot controlled, and say how you will identify that it has been inspected and ready for use.