Our Process for Quality and Safety Plan Templates

Here's Our Process:

Before you order

1. We'll talk to you and/or review your contract and company requirements

2.  We'll give you a quote over the phone or email you one.

Once you order

1. Once you decide to purchase, we ask you a few questions so we can fine-tune your template with the titles and terminology you use.

2. You give us your credit card information over the phone or we provide an online payment link. We won't charge your credit card until we've completed you plan.

3. You email us your logo, your company name and address that you want on your plan.

When your plan is ready

We prepare your template and email it to you as an attachment in MS Word.

You'll also receive instructions on how to use your template. And, we send you a receipt in a separate email.

Ongoing support

You can call us or send us an email if you have any questions. One-on-one consultation support is included with our comprehensive templates.