Corporate Quality Program for Southern Company Compliance

We offer customized documents that comply with Southern Company's Contractor Quality Requirements for Construction Services (QCR-1).

We have a base document that we've successfully used to help other contractors get approved. There are two options that we offer:

  • Use your existing document and we improve upon it to make it compliant
  • Use our base document and incorporate your policies and procedures to customize it to your company

Our services include:

  • Fully-written Corporate Quality Program/Manual in compliance with Southern Company's QCR-1
  • Inspection & Test Plan(s) (ITPs) for your core scopes of work
  • Checklists and other forms as needed
  • Initial call to learn about your company processes
  • Follow-up call to review the draft document and make changes as needed
  • Completed responses to the Contractor Corporate Quality Program Evaluation Checklist
  • Modifications to the documents based on Southern Company feedback
  • Satisfaction Money-back Guarantee
  • 100% Compliance Guarantee

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