Developing Hotspot Training Sheets

Training is an integral part of improving quality and safety. We've found that identifying a few of your top issues and focusing your training efforts on them will yield the best results.

Hotspot training sheets are an excellent way to emphasize your top quality and safety issues. You can add hotspot pictures to your inspection forms or create separate hotspot training sheets. Here is how to create them. 

  1. Find good examples of the work DONE PROPERLY.
  2. Take close-up pictures of the good work, and then draw an arrow on the picture to bring attention to specific details you want to highlight.
  3. Do not take a picture of a poor quality job. After all, everyone knows what that looks like, right! The idea is to highlight a properly done job, the type that is expected.
  4. Hotspot ExampleUpdate Hotspot checkpoints, and train superintendents and crews to address each specific problem area. --This is critical to success.

We have a library of 3500 Hotspot pictures for our construction clients to use when creating Hotspot training sheets.