Construction Quality Assurance/Quality Control Plans

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We've developed a comprehensive set of submittal-ready quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) plans for general contractors, specialty contractors, and professional services companies.

Comply with specific requirements

Our submittal-ready templates are based on the highest standards of USACE/NAVFAC, FTA-DOT, FHWA, FAA, DOE, and other government agencies — as well as ISO 9001.

  • Comply with specific industry and government agency QA/QC requirements
  • Receive expert advice and support (30 min. phone/web review included)
  • Have a personalized, easy-to-edit, reusable plan in MS Word format
  • 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee 

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Use for Bids and Contract Submittals

Most of our clients use our QA/QC plans, manuals, forms and expertise for bids and contract submittals. However, our resources are excellent for company-wide quality management system improvements as well.

What we do for you

We'll assemble a qa/qc plan template based on your contract requirements and personalize it with your company, project, and scopes of work information. See template personalization for more information.

If you have very complex or non-standard requirements, we offer customization services. You can have add additional writing or customizations added to your plan when needed — 100% Submittal Acceptance Guarantee. See pricing and plans for more information.

Industry and Trade-Specific Information

A trade-specific information package is also included as part of your construction QA/QC plan template. Each information package includes a set of inspection forms with checkpoints as well as inspection and testing, applicable code, and personnel qualifications information.

Trade-specific information is available for 16 of the more common MasterSpec Divisions. See CSI Divisions or more information.

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Personalized Plans or Instant Download available.

Personalized plans include your company logo, company name and project name and make a very nice, professional presentation.

If you don't mind adding your own company name, logo, and personnel/org. chart, you can purchase the document from our online store with a 10% discount. Here is a link to the online store at 

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