USACE Construction Quality Control Plan Templates

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USACE Contractor Quality Control (CQC) Plan Templates meet USACE-NAVFAC-AFCESA NASA Quality Control Requirements UFGS 01 45 00.00 20 and include a 100% Submittal Acceptance Guarantee.

Features and Benefits include:

  • For Awarded Contracts, MATOC/IDIQ Contracts, and RFPs
  • USACE-Navfac Compliance Guarantee
  • Three Phases of Control Policies and Procedures
  • Including Defineable Features of Work (DFOW) and Military QA/QC terminology through out
  • Design controls for Design/Build and Engineering work
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Standard Features Include:

  • Fully-written - No writing required
  • Use on Multiple Bids/Contract Submittals
  • Based on your contract and company needs
  • Personalized with your name, logo & project info.
  • Compliance to Government, Industry, and/or ISO 9001 construction QA/QC requirements

  • Expert advice and support
  • Includes Industry and Trade-Specific Information
  • 100% Submittal Acceptance Guarantee
  • 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

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Based on your contract and company needs

We'll assemble a contractor quality control plan based on your contract specifications and personalize it with your company, project, and scopes of work information. 

If you have very complex or non-standard requirements, we offer customization services. We can add additional writing or customize your plan when needed. 

Industry and Trade-Specific Information

You'll also receive a set of inspection forms with checkpoints for the CSI Division you do work in.  See By CSI Divisions for more information.

100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

All of our products and services carry a 100% money-back guarantee. We make sure you get what you need to have your USACE quality control plan submittal approved.

There's no fine print. Take at look for yourself. See Money-Back Guarantee for more details.

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Personalized Plans or Instant Download available.

Personalized plans include your company logo, company name and project name and make a very nice, professional presentation.

If you don't mind adding your own company name, logo, and personnel/org. chart, you can purchase the document from our online store with a 10% discount. Here is a link to the online store page. 

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