FTQ360 QA Inspection Software Details

FTQ360 uses a 'double entry performance accounting' method where each score relates to a customer activity and a supplier activity. Click on the links below for more details.

Customer-Supplier Relationships

  • Subcontractor to subcontractor relationships
  • Department to department relationships
  • Work activity and control and monitoring documents

Design Principles

  • Dynamic Processes
  • High levels of control and flexibility
  • Accommodates QA sampling activities

Performance Management

  • By Construction Activity
  • By Department
  • By Process

With the check of a box, automatically communicate punch items and inspection findings to the subcontractor responsible for the work.

FTQ360’s active reporting automatically emails reports to suppliers, departments, managers, purchasing directors, quality managers, and operations managers. Reports are in universal PDF format.

FTQ360 on-demand reports display information immediately to the user in PDF format in a web browser. The reports can be saved or shared in PDF format.

Interactive process charts are viewed in a web browser with the Microsoft's free Visio Viewer plug-in.

FTQ360 on-demand data downloads provide users with performance data in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. In a web browser, users select the data they want and use the Excel file for special analysis.

Fully automated interfaces can be customized to link data from other systems without user intervention.

Customizing FTQ360 to unique company vocabulary is done using tables; no programming is required.