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Construction qa/qc plan templates

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Construction qa/qc plan templates

iso 9001 quality management plan wh

Construction Quality Assurance/Quality Control Blog

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How to Do a Construction Quality Control Plan Audit

Construction Quality Plan Audit Checklist Project Quality System Audit Form

A quality control plan audit for a construction project is the “check” part of the “Plan-Do-Check-Act” (PDCA) process. The purpose of the audit is to see whether your quality plan is working as intended. The best quality plan on paper isn’t a lot of good if it isn’t implemented correctly.

5 Steps to Creating Your Personnel Qualification Process – A Construction Quality Best Practice

Construction Quality Personnel Qualification Form

It may be tempting to let the form-filling, i-dotting and t-crossing lapse when it comes to qualifying your construction quality personnel, but there are many reasons why making the process formal and not relying on your own undocumented knowledge and gut instincts is a very good idea.

A Guide to Building Your Construction Quality Control Team

the quality assurance team changes(1)

The first step in ensuring quality construction after a new contract has been awarded is to set up your quality control team (or quality assurance team, which ever you'd prefer). This consists of management personnel reporting to the head office (via the president or a vice president, depending on your company organization).

8 Elements to Building a Better Quality Plan

8 Elements for Building a Better Construction Quality Plan

The first job of the quality management team is to design a construction quality plan for your project. Your plan has two goals. First, it should explain the company’s QA/QC policies. Second, it should identify any requirements that are unique to the project and the procedures for making both the general and the specific policies work.

Infographic: Improve Construction Quality through Better Information

Infographic Improve Construction Quality w Better Information 685px

Do you know enough about what's happening on your construction jobsite to improve quality, reduce rework, decrease build time, and lower construction costs?  If you're like most senior managers, you don't.

Infographic: What are the USACE Three Phases of Control?

First Time Quality Infographic Intro image What are the USACE three phases of control

The USACE Three phases of control should be performed for each defined feature of work (DFOW). Phase 1: Preparatory Phase is the planning phase for controlling quality on an upcoming feature of work. It includes a requirements review, site inspection, and a preparatory meeting.

New Concrete Quality Control Plans & Manuals by First Time Quality

Construction workers pouring concrete

We're pleased to announce that we've developed a new set of concrete quality assurance and quality control plans, programs, and manuals. Our new concrete quality QA/QC documents are specifically designed for concrete contractors and general contractors that self-perform concrete construction tasks.


5 Ways Construction Inspection Checklists will Improve Your Quality

Construction Inspection Checklist Form Image

A construction inspection checklist (also known as an inspection form) is like a road map. Both are condensed, thumbnail sketches of the real world … incomplete but highly useful.  A road map can’t show every trail, tree, hill and house … If it did, it wouldn’t be useful. They are memory aids and save brainpower. Inspection checklists forms are much the same.

New Welding & Steel Fabrication Quality Plans from First Time Quality

Welding and Steel Fabrication Quality Plan Image

We're pleased to announce the release of a new welding and steel fabrication quality plan suitable for steel fabricators and erectors, pipe fabricators, and piping and pipeline companies.

How to Write a Construction Quality Control Plan

man sitting at a computer writing a construction quality control plan

So you're the person who's been asked to write a quality plan — In this article, I’ll take you through a step-by-step process that will help you write your project-specific quality plan.

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